September Wrap Up 2017

September Wrap Up 2017

Hey Catastrophes!

So it has been a while since I’ve posted, and that’s mainly because my motivation seems to have dropped off the edge of the world somewhere. BUT I am trying to find my way back to things, hence why I am scraping together this wrap up of last month. A bit late, but better now than never!




September was basically one of the most productive months I’ve ever had. I was so motivated to do ALL the creating of content possible and took a whole heap of bookstagram photos, booktube videos and sketched out blog ideas. I just have to take the time to edit them and make them into a reality now…

I went to back to the primary school for two days as a substitute teacher. It was great to see the kids again and some of them remembered me which warmed my heart so much.

Then I traveled up to the north of the Netherlands, to Groningen where my best friend is going to university. We had a brilliant time together. I’d never been there, so it was great to explore the shops and such a quaint little town. I also got to meet her new friends which was really nice.

I had a movie marathon with my other bestie as well. We watched Disney movies and I saw My Neighbour Totoro for the first time which was an adorable movie.


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After that, it was all university prep time and leaving. I had a goodbye meal with my family which was heartfelt. I also said a goodbye speech to the church I’ve been a part of for the past 13 years of my life and burst into tears in front of a congregation of 250+ people. Not the most fun moment, but I will miss home 🙁




And now I am at uni! I bought out the kitchen section of a shop, bought some new clothes, shoes and stationary and then we drove to London. My mum and I spent a day at my sisters’ apartment, and then made the drive up to Warwick university, where I have moved in.

There concludes my September!





I managed to read 14 books in the month of September. I know, I don’t quite understand how that happened either, so don’t ask me 😛 I’m very happy though. I guess I was productive in terms of reading too.

I’ve posted my review for Get the Hell Over It by Sarah Beth Moore.

Illegal Contact by Santino Hassell is one I fully intend to review and I really did enjoy. But it wasn’t a new favourite of his. Corrupting Chris by Santino Hassell was a short read which related to a book in a series of his that I’d already read. It made my heart happy.

The Last of the Firedrakes by Farah Oomberhoy was meh. A review for that one is coming too. I also have a review of The Underground Railroad upcoming because I had a lot of mixed feelings on that one which need discussing.

Aching Buttons and The Mythology of Touch by Mary Stone Dockery are poetry collections I absolutely adored. I loved her writing so much, and her themes of love and death resonated so well with me. I think she might be a new favourite poet of mine.

The Lonely Londoners by Sam Selvon is one I had to read for my university course but it was one I adored. It’s grounded in the history of Britain and how it affected the immigrants of the past, but I think the themes are still ever present, especially with Brexit and the immigrant crisis going on right now. I also had to read The Life of Olaudah Equiano by Olaudah Equiano for university too which was alright, but just not my kind of read.

I finally read Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys and yes, it was as sad and beautiful as everyone said it would be. It’s historical fiction during WW2 but it discusses the largest maritime disaster in the world which sadly not enough people know about.

I also finally got around to reading Stars Above by Marissa Meyer. Of course I was going to love anything she wrote, but I was disappointed to find the majority of the stories are set before the events in Cinder and not after Winter. Although there are some, I was expecting them all to be like that. Consider yourself warned…

Dress Codes for Small Towns has a review upcoming because I have WAY too many thoughts to put them down here.

Hard Wired by Santino Hassell and Megan Erickson, and How to Bang a Billionaire by Alexis Hall were comfort rereads.





Yup, I am still reading A School for Unusual Girls by Kathleen Baldwin. I started it, but life (and books for university) keep getting in the way. Hopefully by only committing to this one this month, I will be able to actually finish it.




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Olivia’s Question: What did you get up to in the month of September? What was your favourite read of that month?

Olivia-Savannah x

36 thoughts on “September Wrap Up 2017”

    • I’m really enjoying it at the moment! I’m managing to find a lot of time to read, but that’s because with English literature reading time is kind of what we need to be doing as homework more often than not. I loved My Neighbour Totoro <3

    • I hope so ^.^ I sometimes forget that even though I take a lot in my stride change is actually something I struggle with. Just gotta push through it 😉

  • It sounds like you have been really busy. I have had trouble finding time to blog this month myself. It happens and motivation can be a huge problem. Great job in September – 14 books is amazing. I hope you are having a great October!

    • I can see from your weekly updates that you have had a really busy month! It’s amazing that you have managed to find any time to blog throughout all of that. You should feel proud, Carole ^.^

  • Well you have been busy! I think it is awesome that you were a substitute teacher a couple of times and you had some students remember you. 🙂 Being a substitute isn’t easy!

    Wishing you all the best at university. Fun, exciting, and emotional time for sure! Enjoy!

    • It was nice to be a substitute but it was definitely a different experience from when I was one of the actual teachers! I guess every role has different things related to it when it comes to the workings of a school 😉

      Thank you, Stephanie xx

  • Wow you’ve had quite a productive month girl! ❤❤ Salt to the sea is on my TBR!!! 😆 I’ll be starting uni from Jan and I’m so excited ❤❤

    • It was a good month this time round. Oh man, you have to read Salt to the Sea as soon as you possible can! DD: You’ll be in uni soon too! I hope you’ll love it just as much as I am at the moment 😉

  • Congrats on heading to university! Its got to be an exciting time for you! I’m itching to read your thoughts on The Underground Railroad.

    • Thank you, Ethan! I hope it will be. I’m going to be posting my review for that either today or tomorrow!

  • You are an amazing girl and someday, all your knowledge from reading all these books will bring you places. You might even rule us all. 😀 Seriously, good job on reading all these. Wow.

    • I hope it will do, one day. I feel like I have learned a lot from what I read already! Ahahaha I’m not quite sure about world domination, but hey, may give it a go someday 😉

    • I don’t always read so much! This month was a blessing from above 😛 Everyone reads at their own pace and that’s good too 🙂

    • It was a productive month! That’s why I am not too anxious about the fact that I’ve taken October easier. Glad to see you back around the blogsphere 😀

    • Thank you! I’m hoping that motivation will return to me soon. I’m enjoying the new area I live in at the moment. I’m hoping I’ll be able to see more bookish events now as well 😉

  • I love Totoro! Now that I got that out, I am happy you finally wrote a blog post. Inspiration will return slowly, but sometimes we have to… just do it. And WOW, you read so many books. I barely managed to read 4 fiction books, I just seem to start a lot of books and never finish them. Ha ha!

    I wish you a great time at Uni! Maybe you could talk about the books you read for Uni next? I know I would be really interested!

    • Hopefully in time it will fully come back to me! I have ideas but just gotta get up the feeling of wanting to do them 😀 This month I’ve been starting a lot of books and not finishing them so we’ll see how October pans out for me in comparison ahaha xD But hey, 4 books is a great number!

      I’m thinking of doing a feature where I do really in depth and analytical reviews because the uni books I am reading are so interesting… I’m thinking it might help people who study them but I think I’m gonna see how much interest there would be in that…

      • And I’m sure people who went for a different degree but were also interested in yours would find it interesting at all. I would enjoy even a reading list that you have from Uni 😊.

        • I think as soon as I am organised I’ll do something to do with that kind of thing. Thanks for the encouragement <3

    • I really do have strong ties there! At the moment I’m on my “church search” for a new one that fits me here and hopefully I’ll be able to find it soon. Ah, Salt to the Sea was so good. 🙂

  • You prob haven’t had motivation for blogging because you’ve been so busy doing so many amazing things! And I forgot that you just graduated high school and are just starting uni—good luck! I’m sure you’ll love it and do great because you seem like you really embrace all your experiences. And girl, I’m pretty sure you still read more books than I did in Sept even though you were super busy vs me who didn’t even have power for nine days and still managed to slack lol.

    • I’m hoping that’s the case and when things settle down I will be a bit better at blogging! Thanks Kristen <3 So far with uni, so good. Getting used to the change still. Pfft everyone reads at their own pace and within their moods. For example, I'm barely reading in October 😛

  • OLIVIAAAA I haven’t been here in forever! You most certainly had a productive month, and congratulations on your move to Uni. It’ll be such an exciting time for you! I’ve read Strong Signal and really enjoyed it, so I’m excited for Illegal Contact. Everyone says Salt To The Sea is a great read, so I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts on it!

    • Eeee, it’s so good to see you around again! I had NO idea you’d come back to blogging (this is what I get for not checking up on my bloglovin more regularly). Thank you ^.^ I’m really loving it at my university so far. Strong Signal was so good 😉 Illegal Contact is pretty great too. OH YOU HAVE TO READ SALT TO THE SEA. I’ll have my review up as soon as I am, err, a bit more organised… 😀

  • Eliza and Her Monsters was my favorite September read. Invictus by Ryan Graudin is a close second. I managed to read 12 books last month, but I’m still not reading as much as I’m used to. Work has been crazy and I was supposed to start working from home at the end of August, and only going in one day a week for meetings, but it looks like after Nov. 10th for me. I can’t wait to start back blogging. Crossing my fingers for a new laptop for my birthday in two weeks!

    • I’ve actually added both to my TBR because they sound so good! 12 is still such a brilliant amount and is usually the number of my dreams every month. I can’t believe you still haven’t been able to work from home 🙁 Really hoping the time flies through so you can do that soon. My fingers are double crossed for a new laptop too 😉

  • You must know that I love the gifs in this post, especially the second one. You know why! And I’m so obsessed with My Neighbour Totoro although I only saw it for the first time a half year ago or so. My reading month of September was the worst actually. Didn’t read many books and had a tough time getting into one book but I’m salvaging it all this month. Already am very happy with the books I’ve read so far. =D

    • I knew you would 😉 It is such a cute movie! I can’t believe I waited this long to see it. I think your September is going to be similar to my October at the moment. I’m glad this reading month is going better for you though!

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