Santa & Snowmen [Nails Extravaganza!]

Santa & Snowmen [Nails Extravaganza!]

Hey Catastrophes!

Merry Christmas! And to those who don’t celebrate, I wish you happy holidays πŸ˜€

Even though I don’t do New Years resolutions, I do goals, and I have set some. And I’m not really the kind of person who waits for the year to end to get started. I’m going to be on it right away! I might make a blog post with all my goals, but for now, this post is fulfilling one.

A while back when I bought my own blog domain I decided to mix it up. I announced this with my post Olivia’s Catastrophe 2.0. I said I wouldn’t only be posting about books – and that’s all I’ve been doing lately! But I’m back on the idea of mixing up my posts with more lifestyle things. I’m starting out with my nail art!



I always do my nail art for Christmas time, and I felt like now would be a good time to try a new design. Even though my family never does Santa – our presents have always been from my parents or whoever gave them to us as kids, never him – I’ve found it interesting that other children believe in him, and he’s here on my nails.

I’ve also got snowmen on my nails too. I have made a snow man before, when I was younger, but you’d never catch me making one now. Because I confess: I really hate snow. I do think it can look beautiful for about 5 minutes when it is freshly fallen… but then you have to go out in it, and it’s cold, and it sinks into your boots, and it’s such a pain!



So in the end, what’s on my nails are two things I don’t actually enjoy involving myself in at Christmas time. I’m all about family time, good food, exchanging gifts with those I love and care about, as well as remembering and celebrating the birth of Jesus. But hey, nail art is nail art πŸ™‚

If you’re curious about how I made this nail art, watch the speed up video down below!


Olivia’s Question: Do you celebrate Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or something else?

Olivia-Savannah x

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