6 Reasons You Need New Cool Socks!

6 Reasons You Need New Cool Socks!

Hey Catastrophes!

6 Reasons you need new cool socks


I hope you are all having a brilliant week so far! Today I am here to give you 6 reasons why you need cool new socks – and not just ANY cool socks. Sockpanda socks. I’ll explain everything as we go on…


Reason #1: You’ll be supporting charity.

Sock Panda make sure to donate one pair of socks to someone who needs socks and needs to keep warm whenever you buy a pair of their socks. So not only will you be sporting some new cool designs on your socks, but you’ll also be helping someone else by buying from this brand! As of September 2017 the company has donated nearly 100,000 socks to homeless shelters, low income senior centers, hospitals, and under-privileged classrooms throughout the country.

giraffe sockpanda socks with the word for world is forest birds flying


Reason #2: It’s literally mid-winter. What better way to keep warm?

Okay, I’ve got to admit this reason doesn’t work for everyone – in some places of the world it is not the middle of winter. But, at some point this year, it will be. So you should get your hands on some epic new Sock Panda socks to either keep you warm now, or keep your precious tootsies warm in the future.

ostrich sockpanda socks and pile of books and candle


Reason #3: You get to take epic bookstagram photos!

This may be a reason catering to those who are part of the bookstagram community, but it works for any Instagram account! The hashtag #socksunday is a great way to show off your socks regardless of what niche your Instagram account is in, and if you have enough socks your viewers will never get bored of seeing the same socks time and time again.

sockpanda blue striped socks with howl by allen ginsberg flatlay


Reason #4: Beautiful socks just make me happier, and get me compliments…

I felt very conscious when I got my first compliment on my socks when walking down the street. And then very surprised when one of my friends complimented me in them as well. I suddenly realised that if you have your patterned socks peeking out the top of your Converse or trainers of choice, people might actually notice. It’s not just you feeling happy, warm and cool. It’s strangely other people thinking the same? Win-win to me.

sock panda socks and book tower


Reason #5: Give them as a (more exciting) gift.

I got socks for Christmas. And I’m not complaining, because socks are basically something everyone needs, and very few people who actually buy them for themselves. They end up getting holes, and wearing thin, until parents or people who are past buying you what you want and get you what you need, buy some for you. So, if you are gifting someone socks, why not gift them what they need and what they might want – socks they need with a pattern that you know they’ll like?

sock panda socks on hangars and emoji rice crackers


Reason #6: Socks with designs are usually better quality.

I’ve bought my socks at Poundland before (student budget, guys) and they haven’t lasted me long. But if you’re buying socks with a design on them, they are less a throw-away clothing item and one that you’ll notice the durability of – so they are usually better made. If we’re going with the Sock Panda example again, their socks are made of 85% Peruvian cotton, 10% Nylon and 5% Spandex. Just in case you didn’t know 😊

toucan sock panda socks and the word for world is forest book


Hope all of these reasons will encourage you to buy a new pair of socks soon! If you use the promo code: DealSpotr15 at the check out you can get 1 FREE pair of socks and 15% off too! 

Olivia’s Question: What’s your favourite pair of socks you own?

Olivia-Savannah x


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