Life Lately… [December & January]

Life Lately… [December & January]

Hi Catastrophes!

So, I’m not sure if any of you noticed but I didn’t post a December 2017 reading wrap up, or life update. I was insanely busy that month and decided to combine it with January. So this post is one massive life update – which is different from what I usually do! So… let’s start with December.

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The first thing I did in December was attend a writer soiree, which is something I’d never done before. I went with a friend and we listened to small author’s talk about their books and do readings. It was a good experience and I quite liked it! I thought I wouldn’t because I’m not too good at listening to people read, so I was pleasantly surprised.

I also caved and watched season 1 of Game of Thrones. I fully intended to only start watching the series after I finished all the books. However, I was reassured that the first season only covers the events of book one, which it did. I fell in love. It was a brilliant and such an accurate portrayal of the books. Can’t wait to finish book 2 just so I can watch more. I even ended up buying a Game of Thrones Christmas jumper.

As December was Christmas, in the spirit of Christmas I did some charity work with my church. We handed out warm clothing and non-perishable food to homeless people on the streets of our local shopping center, and they were so appreciative that it broke my heart. I’m definitely going to try and do more charity work off season as well.

Somehow I managed to survive the insane amount of deadlines we had before the holiday. Once everything was handed in I went to a Carols Concert with some friends, which was lovely. I love listening to orchestras play, and we all sang along with the choir when it came to the carols.

There was the Christian Union Christmas dinner – a three course meal for only ten pounds! It was all delicious and the last thing I did at uni before heading down to London to spend Christmas with my family. I stayed with my older sisters, and my mum, dad and younger sister flew over to England to spend the holiday with us.

With my oldest sister we went to see the Christmas lights decorating Central London, which were beautiful. We made an evening of it, having dinner out, and then back home again we decorated their flat in the Christmas spirit.

I was so happy to spend the next week or so visiting extended family like uncles, grandparents, cousins and aunties. I went Christmas shopping with my best friend who I’ve known since nursery who lives in London, and I attended my older sisters’ Christmas house party.

I met up with Sherlyn, who used to be a book blogger (she doesn’t blog anymore, but she has a beautiful calligraphy instagram!) It was my first time meeting her, and we went to The Natural History museum together and had a lovely Thai dinner. 

My dad, my older sisters and I went to see The Last Jedi. I liked it. Less than Rogue One, but a lot more than the Force Awakens!

It was my Uncle’s 50th birthday, and we were able to attend his birthday party as a family, although a burst car tyre made us quite late…

Christmas Day was spent celebrating and eating with the family and my nan. A LOT of eating, smiles and happiness all round. I did the Boxing Day shopping rush and then we went to Christmas part 2 where we meet up with the extended family for dinner. All the little baby cousins are toddlers and grow up so fast D:

After Christmas I went back to The Netherlands for the first time since I started uni with my parents. I spent a lot of time visiting my best friends and making sure to relax with my parents. I saw in the New Year chilling at home with Baby Driver on the telly (I loved it!) champagne, and my parents. Oh, and I also watched Logan, which was good!

Moving on to January… 

For the beginning of the year I was still in the Netherlands. I changed my hair from purple to light brown. I do miss my purple, but the light brown is a lovely change. I saw Jumanji with my mum and lil sis, which I think was alright, but played too heavily on stereotypes. Then I went back to university!

I had a little day trip down to London, mostly to pick up Christmas presents from my sisters place (I’d overpacked… just a little!) and to bring it up to uni.

This month I actually made new friends in university again, and I finally feel like I know who my friends are here. I feel entirely settled. 

January 29th was my 19th birthday. Which meant I spent the weeks up until my birthday going out on a lot of night outs… Maybe too many? I’m not decided, but my voice has been coming and going throughout the whole month so I am looking forward to my introvert recovery stage in February.

I went and saw Paramore live, which was the best birthday present I could’ve given myself. I love their music and it was so nice to have dinner with a friend and then enjoy their epic music.

I made some Important Decisions which were good for me, but meant cutting someone from life who was a very good friend until now. The friendship just wasn’t working out anymore. It was a good choice for me, personally, but it might have hurt the other person a bit. Which wasn’t so good, and I had a weekend holed up in self-care mode to remind myself how this will be good in the long run. 

I’ve been going to a lot of house viewings this month to find a place to rent out with my flatmates for next year. So far it has been a bit unsuccessful, but we’re hoping it will all be sorted within two or so weeks.

And lastly, all the food! There was cheesecake on my brithday, and watching the movie Girls Trip which was hilarious. I went out to dinner with my future flatmates as well to celebrate my birthday the weekend before. And then today I went to a little tea and cake place here on my campus, where I had a lovely salmon and cream cheese bagel. Oh, and I tried white hot chocolate for the first time, and I don’t think I could ever go back to normal hot chocolate. That stuff is amazing.

*breathes* Well, that’s all that has been happening to me lately!

New Video: Video review of Cathadeus by Jeff J. Peters!

Olivia’s Question: What have you been up to in the month of January?

Olivia-Savannah x

28 thoughts on “Life Lately… [December & January]”

  • A writer soiree sounds so fancy and an activity I want to experience one day too. I am glad you enjoyed it – I find it a bit weird too, listening to someone else reading but I will put this to test and see if any bookstores in town have authors reading events.

    Charity work is at its peek in December – which is not necessarily bad but I do wish people will do more throughout the year so I am glad it motivated you to do some charity work off-season. Sometimes even something as simple as shopping at a charity fair counts!

    And I am happy that you got to spend the holiday season with family and friends! It’s also great that you finally feel good about your new friends in Uni. I rememeber how hard the start of Uni was – for me personally as I did not know anyone and I have a hard time makign friends in general, but in the end I met a lot of awesome humans!

    You look great with light brown hair too!

    This comment is getting really long (this is what you get for missing the december life lately), but I just want to say one more thing – sometimes it’s really good to end some relationships. You can always be fond of the memories you have, but good memories are not worth to keep someone in your life if the present is different.

    And the last thing: loved this post!

  • I like thoses, you took such lovely pictures ! specially loving the hanging lights one !!
    Happy late birthday my dear 😘cutting people out of your life is never easy, but unfortunately is needed some times. You did the good choice !

  • Such a busy couple of months! Glad you had a great Christmas.
    I hated the first season of GoT, but OH liked it so kept watching and by the second season I was hooked. Haven’t read any of the books yet though. They’re so biiiig!!

  • All your food pictures made me hungry, and then your Paramore tickets made me nostalgic. They are my daughter’s favorite, and we used to see them every year before she went off to college. I even drove to Ohio, because she won a meet and greet. Good times!

  • Wow you’ve had a busy December and January!
    Since you all are talking GoT I think I may do a re-read of it! Nah, just kidding! My TBR is way too long…
    I haven’t seen the TV series but I tried to at the beginning after finishing the books. I think it was too close after reading the books and it put me off.
    Glad you had a nice birthday. 🙂

  • Super eventful! But sounds great. I’m glad the last month of 2017 and the first of 2018 was good for you! I’ve been stressed for the last month because I was setting up my online store, which is still not completely properly advertised at places so I have to work on that this month.

  • Happy Birthday, Olivia! Sounds like a wonderful end of the year and beginning! Sorry to hear about cutting ties, but sometimes that’s the best thing for us. Some people are lifers and some people are placed in our lives for a short time for us to learn and grow. Best of luck to you.

  • Oh it’s so great that you were able to attend a writer soiree, that sounds really interesting! I hope to attend an event like that someday as well 🙂
    Happy belated birthday! Paramore must have been so much fun, I love her music a lot! And I also want to say, congratulations for taking that step and cutting that someone out of your life. Sometimes, it’s just all for the best and it’s really important to remember what’s best for us and our own mental health <3
    I hope you will have a lovely February xx

  • Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry to hear about your friend. But sounds like your December and January were great months for you.
    Already Febraury starting out no so great. The dryer stopped working. Good thing the washer rinses real well. Made it doable hanging the clothes to dry. SMH :-/

  • Wow, seems like you had great past months! I also want to attend some writer’s event someday. I am sure those are definitely great and you can learn many things.

    You watched GoT now? Why? DO you know it’s my favourite? 😀 Lol, I don’t know about the books (I haven’t read them) but the show is definitely great! And wait till you reach the Season 3 😀 I do hope you leave the books and jump straight to the series because God know, when George will finish the actual series 😀

    And happy belated birthday 🙂 I can see you enjoyed a lot. And all that yummy food? You are definitely making all of us hungry 😀

    Aww, I am sorry for your friend. I can understand how difficult it is to remove someone from our lives but I guess, it is important sometimes especially if we are not happy with the relationship.

    Good luck with finding the house. Trust me, it is the most difficult thing 😛

    I hope February is even better better for you 🙂

  • Whoa, your December was FANTASTIC. A writer’s soiree sounds fab, and I would totally attend if there was one for bloggers. <3 As for Game of Thrones, I actually have the first book but haven't read it yet–I was actually thinking of going the other way around, as in watching the series before reading the books, maybe? 😀 I think your new hair color looks absolutely stunning. <3 And belated happy birthday!!! ^_^ I hope the next month brings lots more positivity in your life!

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

  • The writer soiree and the carols concert both sound really different and fun! All the Christmas stuff sounds really fun too! All the pictures of food look so delicious. And I’m glad to hear you’re finally feeling settled at uni 🙂 Also happy birthday!!! And you’re hair looks pretty with the light brown 🙂 You’ve had so many good things going on, it’s wonderful!

  • You did a lot lady! The writer soiree sounds cool, and I’m getting hungry from looking at your photos!

    ALSO HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Sorry you had to make some difficult choices, I’m sure you’ll be better for it though <3

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