Solitude: The Change of Heart [Book Review]

Solitude: The Change of Heart [Book Review]

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Title: Solitude: The Change of Heart

Author: Partho Sen

Publisher: Self-published

Published Date: 2nd December 2017

Rating: 2 stars

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Solitude the change of heart cover imageSynopsis: It’s a story of a lone wolf and his journey ascending the throne of the enemy wolf clan. 

The whole story is told from the point of view of a gray wolf; who was a human accepted by a pack of wolves. And when he attempted suicide he was pulled out of the river by his friends and they take him into their own world hidden from the other realms. Where, as a pack member, he watches closely the lifestyle of the wolves, their excursion, conflict, and bloodshed. With the company of the wolves he travels through the unusual forests, through the breath-taking panoramas, until the pack receives the threatening message that the lone wolf is still pursuing the royal pack of the clan for many days. 

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Review: Solitude: The Change of Heart was my first werewolf read in quite some time. I don’t usually read werewolf books, but when I do get around to them, for the most part I enjoy them. What intrigued me most about this one was the rival packs. I knew that was going to lead to a lot of tension and likely a grand battle finale.


And in the end, I found this read to be alright. The beginning of the novel was a bit confusing to me. Although the synopsis told me what was happening, if it hadn’t, I would’ve been lost. I felt quite thrown into the novel and the wolf world, and it took me a while to adjust. However, in the second half of the novel things started to make more sense to me, and I was able to enjoy reading because I understood everything. I especially came to enjoy the action and unexpected plot twists that happened in the second half of the novel.


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I really liked how the themes of friendship and loyalty were always at the forefront of the novel. It makes sense – this one is about a pack of wolves and that means family. But even then, packs come across different packs and not all of them will be friends, but not all of them will be enemies either. It was cool to see how friendships and rivalry formed throughout the novel, and I also really liked how loyalty came into question. There was one wolf in particular, Kirk, who switched to the pack that the novel centers on, and whenever anything went wrong he was always cast in suspicion. Whether he is a mole or someone who truly just wants to join a different pack is something you’ll have to discover yourself when reading… But it really drove home the point about loyalty and the difficulty of trying to integrate into a new group of people.


At times I wanted the book to have a bit of a slower pace. Not really in relation to the events but so that the author could include more description. I feel like we got enough description of the scenery and where they were, but there wasn’t enough description of the elements that contribute to what makes these werewolves unique. Although in time I got the gist of things – how the hierarchy here works and what powers they have… it could be better explained and more sketched out. I wanted to know what made these werewolves different from others, and what were the rules and regulations of being one. What were things they couldn’t change about their wolf-form and why some things happened to them as a wolf.


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There were a few grammar mistakes in this one. Not enough to ruin the entire reading experience, but it was something that always niggled on the back of my mind while reading. If the author gets them sorted out it will make this book easier to read and erase a minor problem.


I didn’t necessarily feel a deep connection with any of the characters. I did like them, and I did know who they were and what role they played in the pack. But we didn’t get much backstory to anyone, and not enough time with any of them to really feel that closeness. I did like all the action scenes though, and the suspense that was woven into the plot. So, I would definitely recommend this book to plot driven readers over character driven readers.


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To conclude, even though I went into this one expecting fight after fight, it surprised me by being more about choice, and freedom. That is in relation to what they were fighting for, and the character who changed packs but found it hard to be free from the past that bound him to the previous one. Definitely some thinking material there.


Relevance to today: This book is relevant to today because it says something important about changing your mind. You can be following one path in life and choose the alternative. It doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person – it just means that what used to work for you doesn’t work for you anymore. It can be hard for those around you to trust your new choice or who this ‘new’ person might be to them. But you just keep doing you! Change is welcome, and your choice too.

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Olivia’s Question: If you could choose between becoming a werewolf or a vampire which one would you go for?


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19 thoughts on “Solitude: The Change of Heart [Book Review]”

  • Sorry this one wasn’t better for you. I hate it when I start a book out being confused. It sounds like it did have some good to it though. I hope you next read is better for you.

  • I love werewolf stories, but I don’t think this one is for me. TBH, the synopsis is really telling but it lacks surprise. Sure, I want to know what it’s about, but leave me to uncover things on my own. I don’t read a lot of self published books anymore because of grammatical errors. Not a deal breaker really, but I can’t take a lot of mistakes. I’d definitely want to be a vampire. I have no time to be exposing my throat to an alpha of the pack. LOL

  • Nice review Olivia! I really liked how you detailed all the different aspects of the book. So bad you didn’t like it. I haven’t read any werewolf book either. But I liked them in Twilight movie 😜 But I guess I am more of a Vampire person? 😀
    I do love books with great plot but yes character development is also important!
    I hope you enjoy your next read 😊

  • I’ve never actually read a werewolf book before, at least not totally centered in them, but I find that premise insanely interesting. I love paranormals in general and would love to explore this type of story where friendship and packs and loyalty play such a big role. It’s unfortunate that the beginning was confusing and the grammar was not its sharpest but I’m glad you were able to enjoy it nonetheless 🙂
    Lovely review, Olivia!

  • Although I like the relationships in a pack of werewolves, the truth is I am more of a loner so I think I am better as a vampire – plus that way I get to live forever and READ ALL THE BOOKS!

    This was a great review! Even if the plot of the book is good, I still need at least a tiny connection to the characters in order to enjoy the book, but I really like books about friendship and loyalty too, especially about integrating into a new group and gairning trust.

  • Great review, Olivia! Too bad you didn’t like the book a little more. Werewolf books are tough, though. I love them soooo much but there aren’t many that I have thoroughly enjoyed. And to answer your question… I don’t think I can choose between become a werewolf or vampire. Maybe I like vampires a little bit more because Twilight was the book that got me into reading English books but… it also has werewolves. I just can’t! 😂

  • I wrote a big old comment and then it got eaten because my internet went down. So sad. Anyway. I said that a book has to be reeeaalllly special for me to put up with werewolves basically haha. I do like the way you talked about its relevance- that is so great! I am not a deep enough thinker to see those things, so I am so impressed when others do! Sorry that this didn’t work out, but fabulous review and pictures as always!! 😀

  • I’m not a huge fan of werewolf books myself. And I totally know what you mean, I’ve read books like that, where the blurb was the only reason I understood what was happening. But friendship and loyalty are nice topics to read about! Sorry this didn’t quite work for you, but at least there were some good things in there.

  • I think werewolves are some of the more interesting mythical creatures. That being said, I don’t think you should have had to rely on the cover synopsis to keep track of what was going on. It sounds like the publisher may have done a better job of explaining the story than the author did.

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