About me

Hello there, and welcome to Olivia’s Catastrophe! I’m Olivia-Savannah, a 19 year old bookworm who is addicted to snapchat, Instagram and writing. I write novels, poetry and as you can probably tell – blog posts too. I’m working on my novel, but it’s a top secret project! Hopefully you’ll hear more about it soon.

I’m also a yoga addict. I crave the feeling of strength and peace yoga gives my mind, and love to share about how wonderful it is with everyone. If I’m not doing yoga, you’ll probably either find me on the basketball court or cycling into the distance. I try to couple my fitness with clean eating. The feeling of being happy inside my body is one that makes every day easier.

When it comes to reading, I’m a total YA lover. I read pretty much any genre, and have been known to dip into the occasional NA novel too. I don’t read non-fiction too often, but if you give me a really good autobiography or biography, I can enjoy it. Oh, and classics deserve all the love too. Genres I end up reading more often than not are fantasy, action, and anything dealing with a contemporary and relevant theme. If a book makes me debate or evaluate my opinion on a matter, it’s an almost sure-fire way to know I’ll love it.

As well as those passions of mine, I also love traveling and hope to see as much of the world as I possibly can. Nail art is usually on my nails because hey, it’s the one kind of art that I’m decent at. I’m always open to sharing my knowledge I have about anything and am ready to give my blatantly honest opinion – in a good way of course ^.^

My blog reflects my inability to stick to a single niche. Who says I have to conform to the norm anyway? I hope you hang around Olivia’s Catastrophe, and I can’t wait to discuss more with you in the comments 🙂