Catastrophe Read-a-thon [Announcement, Info & TBR!]

Catastrophe Read-a-thon [Announcement, Info & TBR!]

Hey Catastrophes!

Today I have an exciting announcement. I am going to be hosting the Catastrophe read-a-thon in February, as promised in my 19 Goals in 2019 post! If you want to know more or possibly join in, all the information is in this post, alongside my TBR.


The catastrophe the read-a-thon is centered around is the TBR Catastrophe! To help solve it we are going to be reading books that have been on our TBRs for too long.


14th – 28th of February. Two weeks of reading!


You can use this hashtag on Twitter, bookstagram or booktube if you’re sharing or participating on those sites! The hashtag is #catreadathon

Reading Prompts

You can read whatever you want, but here are 7 reading challenges to keep you busy.

  1. Read your oldest unread book
  2. Read a 400+ tome
  3. Cover Buy
  4. So old you don’t know where it’s from
  5. An author you know and love
  6. A new to you author
  7. A hyped book


Catastrophe Readathon TBR

  1. Read your oldest unread book: Throne of Glass
  2. Read a 400+ tome: Illuminae
  3. Cover Buy: The Essex Serpent
  4. So old you don’t know where it’s from: Fangirl
  5. An author you know and love: Heartless
  6. A new to you author: Fahrenheit 451
  7. A hyped book: Me Before You

Blog Challenges

If you’re a blogger participating you might want to do some of these blog post challenges!

14th: Longest TBR: Go to your goodreads, show us the 10 oldest books and then consider whether they should stay on or be kicked off your TBR! Why did you make the choices you made?

16th: 400+ Tomes: Show us the top 5 big books on your TBR.

18th: Cover Buy Discussion: Do covers matter? Show us some bad books with pretty covers and great books with ugly covers. 

20th: Can’t remember where it came from: Tell us where you buy your books and why there?

22nd: Author you know and love: Show us books by your favourite authors you have yet to read!

24th: New to you authors: Show us books on your TBR by authors you’ve never read before!

26th: The Hype Discussion: Are you more or less likely to pick up a book when it is hyped? What hyped books did you like/not like?

28th: Wrap Up: Share your wrap up of the read-a-thon.

6: New to you authors: show us books on your TBR by authors you’ve never read before

Bookstagram Photo Challenge

Catastrophe Read-a-thon

Checklist Progress Graphic

Catastrophe Read-a-thon (2)

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New Video! I talk about my TBR a bit more =)

Olivia’s Question: Will you join in with the read-a-thon? What’s the oldest book on your TBR shelf?

Olivia-Savannah x

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